Saturday, March 04, 2006

What a good man is the Prime Minister..
His credibility shows it all for once. If a degree is the stepping stone to incessant success the PM has a lot in his kitty. A PhD from Oxford to show off perhaps...

As Barkha Dutt informed that trusted sources in the Government had told her how the nuclear deal almost came to a standstill. But it was due to the pragmatism of the PM that a deal was closed. According to her Condoleezza Rice who was adamant that either permanent safeguards need to be carried out or the deal be off. The PM took a hard line stand and preferred the second option. Even in airport when George Bush was shaking hands and patting his back it was not about shallow informalities or empty talk about the weather. It was about the final solution. Condi took him to a side and repeated the same thing which she had talked over telephone. But it was due to the personal insistence of the President that the deal saw the light of the day. According to Barkha,according to her trusted sources the President being an uncomplicated man told his security adviser straightaway that he wanted the deal .The officials from both sides burnt the midnight oil and clinched a deal that was a win win..
That was the gist.
Now we do have to trust the Barkha, the President and most of all PM
Or trust no one at all
I take a hard line stand and choose the first