Wednesday, January 18, 2006


"Turn off the lights
take a deep breath

The principle of peace is fostered in the ambience of solitude.The dark night subsumes a unique stillness that seems to consume all the noise and disturbances created during the day.
And when I come to think of peace and melancholy they appear as two sides of the same coin.Or like the chicken and the egg problem.
Yoga and meditation teach us the benefits of stillness,invoke silence and bring in patience that can literally transform a person.
I being a peace loving person consider home my ultimate destination because that is where I can be insulated from world of noise,pollution and things that lead to the 3rd law of thermodynamics.
Some of the effects that silence and peace have on my mind is the clarity of thought.It is because I am insulated from the world.No external factor can even come near me and influence my way of thinking.I am pretty much into myself and can delve into inner depths of thinking, practically sinking into a different world, a parallel world.A world every action and reaction is not guided by Newton's way of thought but mine.A world where I can think and sort out the trivialities and complexities of life with poise.A world where time does not run in seconds or not guided by the revolution and rotation of the earth.But then that will be a world that will provide answers to the all the complexities and the practical problems that life presents in its ugliest forms.A world where I can find answers without asking questions.