Saturday, March 04, 2006

Leave him alone

The war continues, unabated.Deliberately or not Mr. Chappell has again fired a salvo. We may put it down as his “Unputdownable” Aussie approach ,his straight talking no-nonsense attitude or in your face mannerisms but to even think of firing salvos at a wounded tiger belies all sane thinking.For a moment let us agree that Ganguly was a bad man,Ganguly played dictatorship but then we cannot deny the fact that he loved India. We cannot deny the fact that all he did was for the benefit of the team. We cannot belie the notions that for a game as dynamic as cricket you are not allowed to keep position until and unless you show results.Ev the much revered Tendulkar lost his job when he could not show results and Ganguly had to take reins. Every person has his style of leading and what ultimately matters is the output he shows.Neverthless even if we consider Ganguly a villain with sinister intentions why did we treat him and continue to treat him like this?
After Ganguly failed to retain his lace in the team he shut his moth off and made an intelligent decision. He let his bat do the talking. After all he knew that all these months of complacency have left him nowhere, he was sinking and it was better to shut up. Disregarding all this Mr. Chappell kept on firing salvos. The Aussie in him simply won’t shut up. Or may be it’s the devil. Or it is personal vendetta
Whatever it is Mr. Chappell should understand like a sane man what good is he doing by mincing those words time and again before the media?
Why we, as hapless, emotional fans being made to vacillate from one position to another. Why are our emotions being thrown into wilderness?
Why doesn’t he just concentrate on the job he has been invited to do?