Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears

It gives me incredible pleasure to announce that I have not been duped.I have been saved from a bloody massacre and assured a graceful no entry into the kingdom of hell..
I believe this group should not only be used for bawali and addabazi but sharing genuine experiences so that we can aware and warn ourselves about what goes around us.And I invite you to share ur experiences.

Some 7 -8 months back a lady named Jonaki called me up.She claimed that she was from ICICI Bank where I have a salary account.
"I don't believe you "
Then she mentioned my account number,my address and my account balance..
"Ok Fine,go ahead"
"Sir,I have been looking after ur account.You have a decent balance.My name is Jonaki and I am ur personal account manager"
"Personal account manager",I thought."Am I Anil Ambani ?"
"Why don't u go for investment options?"
"No thanks.I am better off without it"
"I will call you up"
"Actually I will call you up when I need you"
I normally have allergy to females who try to talk too much.
Since then till now she called up 9- 10 times.And most of the time she would suggest me to go for investment options
She was adamant.I was too because I didn't need any advice on that.I can pretty much decide what I want to do.I mentioned her name to my friends and they asked "Who is she ?Your next girlfriend.."
"Actually my wife,she already manages my accounts" I shrugged off
Last November she called again and this time suggested me to go for recurring deposit.I declined again...
I did not notice any fraud or anything.Since ICICI is a new age bank they must be taking really good care of people like us,I was very sure.
I am not the guy who gets carried away by girlie sweet talk..
But two weeks back she called me again.This time she told me" Sir,go for recurring deposit.It is tax free transaction,with high interests and money will be automatically debited from ur Salary A/C."
Now this got me thinking.I did some research on recurring deposit and called her back.
Someone I haven't even seen.I trusted so easily.The ultimate mistake.
"Come up,I have made up my mind.Whats the rate"
"But you can draw money time,no tax,you can start by giving a cheque of any other bank.From next month money will be debited automatically"
"What do I have to do ?"
"You don't have to do anything.I will send you someone and just sign a check and complete the formalities"
"This saturday,my house,3 o'clock"
"Tell me ur address"
"U should know it.U are my account manager na ?"
"Still ?"
I gave her the address.A guy came and I completed the formalities..Since I am careful with money I made the payee and the cheque as AC payee.Thats common sense.
Two days later she called.
"Sir,a mistake has occured."
"I will be sending that person again"
Well,bondhugon.This time the person never came.Now I called her up to enquire about it.
No answer.I went to ICICI Bank.I told them my story.They haven't heard of Jonaki.
"So what should I do ?"
"Why don't you go for better investment options.they have 15-20 % returns and..."
"Abe *3@!!#.Bhar mein jaaye tera investment"I wanted to say
What I said was "Let me fix this first.I will make a stop transaction of that cheque.Thank you"
"Next time come directly to the office"
"Sure.And next time I will see the face of the person before I talk"
"You have seen my face na"
"Yeah regarding money you have to be...,."I gave a two minute lecture with a Vajpayee like pause..
I called up baba and got bashed up pretty badly.No fraud has occured till now but I have to be very careful from now..
And through this story I would like you to do the same if u aren't already
As for me I have changed the phrase Once bitten twice shy to once almost bitten and always shy
As my good old childhood friends I would really appreciate any good advice from U guys

U r "pathsalaar" guru and I am a gullible student