Friday, March 03, 2006

The pragmatist and the idealist

George Bush is talking to Manmohan Singh:

Mannu Mannu
Yes papa
Eating sugar
No papa
Telling lies
No papa
Open your nuclear facility
Ha Ha Ha

This is what the opponents are portraying about the relationship. When Manmohan and Georgie are bent on creating a path breaking bonhomie between India and US. Prime among them are the leftists. I just don’t understand them. When it comes to taking a stand on something that benefits India they bend the argument in favor of universal morality. Its high time they realize that shallow intellectualism, shoddy ideologies and empty ideas will not lead to any fruitful benefit. Benefit if they understand as India’s benefit. These people are steamrolling any argument in favor of universal brotherhood as if India is going to act like a referee and shout foul whenever there is any match between the US and the rest of the world. Well if something happens to the referee will anybody care?
Why do they object to something that will make India a bigger player in the world arena rather than playing a passive judge?
When will they look beyond the transparent film of morality to India’s side of the story. Why are they living in the beliefs of Leninism, Stalinism and consigning pragmatism to the dustbin. Nehru played the non-aligned card and when it came to defending the nation he faltered at the pedestal of nationalism. We cannot sacrifice our integrity at the expense of so called brotherhood or morality.
It is a cut throat world out here where every dog has to fight for the bone. Rather than going for it why are we still keeping hungry and fight for others. When will we start thinking of ourselves? Or have they consigned the idea of Indian nationhood at the altar of Leninist brotherhood