Sunday, July 17, 2005

ho ha hum..

Yesterday was a normal day for me.No office!!!Anyway I made a long term plan to see a dentist and after much painstaking effort when we(me and my father) finally reach the dentist's door-steps did we come to know that dentist won't see me now.Well,an ugly shock.I had enquired about the doctor some 2-3 days back and was assured that Saturday would be fine for me.Now if my brother(the man with whom I talked) on the other side of the telephone had the little decency to tell me that he does not sit on week-ends life would have been a lot easier for me.Even the Sardarji whom we met at the doctor's door-steps helped us with all that he could.However,on my side I am going to be a little more careful....

By the way we took the metro to Shyam-Bazar,bought a navy blue jeans and happily went back home.
At night there was this normal fight between my mom and me about television.There was a picture called "Baghban" that mom has seen umpteenth times and mom started heaping scorns on me.Perhaps she was imagining that I was one of the sons on televisions..
She stared chattering,jabbering to the continuous irritation of mine about how Indian society has degraded,how I have degraded.Boss,when will my mom start seeing my good side.And as a matter of fact its me who lives with them not the other way round.
However the story is touching and the best part is AB's acting as always.It is said that boss actually practised the speech for 3 days.Mind boggling!!And thats the best part of the movie.
Its said the taste of wine improves with time.Who is a better example than Mr Bacchan!!!