Monday, February 27, 2006

Ingresol Da Abrasol

Why am I writing something with a funny heading?
Something that means nothing.
The answer lies in something that America cherishes wildly and propounds vehemently.
Freedom !!! Freedom!! Freedom!!!
Something that is very close to my heart

But one person’s freedom becomes other’s bane. That is when the subject freedom with responsibility comes into effect..
According to the index of freedom USA will come at the top and by that kind of freedom I mean constraints on individual restrictions.
And when freedom comes into the picture where does that leave us.
Politics is so deep rooted in our society that people just see the negative aspect of freedom. Ours is a negative society and freedom is more of an exception than a norm. Freedom to be unconventional, freedom to be mad and freedom to be justified.
According to a survey Indians are the most conformist in the world. That same survey points out that Indians have a misconception of calling themselves unconventional.
I went through some snaps of Google’s office called Googleplex a few days ago. The name says it all. If multiplexes are associated with fun, comfort and entertainment Google combines it with work. Treat work as fun and don’t be bound by conventional wisdoms. It is something everyone preaches and nobody follows. The hindsight should have been that giving fun opens up the mind to unconventional thinking.Thst leads to the flow of creative juice and ultimately work benefits. So many times have we come across management adages like “out of box” and “thinking on your feet” but when it comes to implementing those notions the same notions become “Pandora’s box” Nobody dares to open it.