Monday, July 11, 2005

Bereft of my seat

The problem with my office and my work is that it is just too dynamic.You are never assured of a place,let alone some glory.You never know where will you end up the next moment.And I made the mistake of considering my desk or rather cubicle as my own.I had set up an emotional bonding with my seat.It was like me,my seat and my mail.But then I lost it all.Some one captured my placed.It was the other way round some days ago when I happily hijacked that seat and worked like a man satisfied with life.Eventually I lost my seat and my mail.The problem with lotus notes is that it is machine dependent and so once you are evicted from your seat you have to set it up all over again which is a tiresome procedure.All day long I failed to check my mail and was as restless as a thirsty man dying to have a drop of water.Anyway I have now configured it so that it can forward it to some other address.Again you cannot check any other mail from office.TCS is smart enough to block the last piece of enjoyment you can derive out of work.So I worked all day long.I do that everyday,just that the fun part was missing.The occassional mails some teasing some irritating and some plain ones had become an integral part of my life.My senses had become sensitive to the frequent sensible,frequent non sense mails that adored my inbox.My heart used to jump with joy whenever the pop up informed me of an incoming one.But then thats what life is.You lose the very thing you become intensely attached to....
My new place again being a temporary one I won't dare to configure lotus over there..