Sunday, March 05, 2006

A movie

Just saw a movie of Russell Crowe. I can’t recall the name of the movie bit it is based on a true story on the boxing days of Jim Braddock. Basically his rise to glory under adverse circumstances amidst the great depression.
Normally movies are meant to be dramatic and they glorify some aspects so much so that they appear to be unrealistic. But then those are what movies are for?
Jim Braddock was a boxer in the depression era. I caught up with the movie when he lost the fight to a fellow boxer and a powerful man; probably the owner of the boxing federation took away his license. Without his primary source of livelihood he was destined top rot in the great depression. Times were hard, jobs were scarce and it was a “dog eats dog”situation.Jim had no many and he had a family to take care of. He had a wife and three children. The worst part was his little daughter was sick and hid house was on the verge of being sealed. Somehow his wife bought time from the owner. They were on the verge of a break up as Jim was unable to take care of his family. But his wife persisted. Jim had to beg to buy medicines for his sick little daughter. But then his former coach cum motivator cum friend,( basically last two words define him aptly) came with a proposition to fight. His right hand which broken from his last fight was still recovering. He took the chance because either way he was dying. Boxing is a game that holds a lot of potential. It can run into a draw, someone can end up dead, someone can end up writing history and a lot many things. Jim took the chance and went for it. He was hungry before the fight, he was weak and he had a family to take care of. But he had talent, he had a fire under his belly, he had determination and most of all he was not a lady’s man, he was a man’s man. So he went for the kill. He won.
You can always debate on how good is the acting, how quality is the movie but the best thing of the movie is to sit back and enjoy the movie, to understand the true meaning of the movie, to understand the circumstances portrayed in the movie. To look beyond technicalities like acting, direction, plot and cinematography. For once leave it to the critics.
BTW my belief these days is that any Hollywood movie has to be good on technicalities by default.