Sunday, July 10, 2005

Why sports is a test of character

Whether it is golf where you are your only competitor or any other sports in which you are trying to excel, sports tries to bring the best in you if you are single-mindedly devoted to it. Its not that sports is the only competitive thing in this planet but whenever there is any spectacle where you get to see gut-wrenching stamina, incredible strength and mind-boggling will-power it must be sports. I am talking of outdoor sports.
My belief was suitably strengthened when I saw Roger Federer crush his opponent with the sort of spectacle only he can produce leading to the complete debacle of his unfortunate competitor. I am not here to talk about Roger Federer and his game. That can be the subject some other day. What fascinates me about sports are the inherent qualities that reside in sportsmen, I mean the best in the flock. Sharp mind, power, stamina, style and resilience.
Look at Venus.I can't stand the sight of her but the very fact that she produced quality tennis after a long absence speaks volumes of her character. Or Lance Armstrong who came back from a life threatening disease to win competitions after competitions of the hardest of them all, The Tour De France.
I am not a fan of all sports. But whatever few I watch, be it athletics or any other I get to understand that it is just a show of human endurance and character. Look at the motto of the Olympics.The Greeks realized that spirit thousands of years ago.
How many challenges have we seen all our life? Be it Formula 1, which is a trade-off between your life and driving prowess. Be it gymnastics, which is a test of your balance and artistry, be it swimming, be it any other sports. And tell me in which other aspect of life can you see a fine balance between your mental strength and physical strength to bounce back.
Today I saw a Joe Frazier vs Muhammed Ali match which was billed as the greatest ever extravaganza on earth. And the fight stretched till the last one. Both opponents persevered, looking for opportunities to grab the other one. And while their mind was working their body was taking vicious punches. Still they were able to "hook" each other to get the better of opponent. Where can you get all this motivational and educational entertainment if it is not sports?
By the way I don't count WWE or its peers as sports. They are simply a giant circus.