Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The aftermath..

A few days ago Mr. George Bush pronounced that India is home to 2nd largest population of Muslims and they live in complete peace. Those made my chest swell 3 inches with pristine pride.
Cut down to the fact that India has a Muslim president, a Sikh PM and a Christian leader of the majority party. It further makes me proud that the Muslim president is the father of one of the most advanced sciences India has produced indigenously. And that Sikh PM with his omnipresent blue turban is the father of India’s reforms that are still the pillars on which the success stories of India’s reforms hinge and the world applauds.
That is not all.
A Gujarati Muslim (Azim Premji) is one of the richest Indian and a Parsee (Ratan Tata) heads one of India’s biggest industrial empires that is built on the sweat and blood of his Parsee fathers.
All these in a country which has a Hindu majority.
But we do not take pride in the opportunities our nation provides. We do not take pride in our tolerance and our impartiality.
Because had we taken pride we would not have killed fellow Indians in the name of externally inconsequential factors like Iran, US, nuclear bomb, Islam and cartoons.
How do they affect us directly that we are so agitated?
How then we not justify the saying that:
Religion is the opium of the masses...
Where are we heading?
Written below is a dialogue that must have taken place between the two terrorists before they blew up Sankatmochan temple. Note that terrorists have no religion. They have fellow brothers worldwide who blow up the Golden mosque (the holiest shrine of the Shias) with equal passion as the Sankatmochan temple. They are the enemies of humanity.
Let us say they are Islamic terrorists bent on creating trouble. Their “forefathers” have already created troubles in IISc, Palika Bazaar, Charaar-e-Sharif and so on and so forth.

Yakub: Inshallah brother. How are things moving?
Razzaq: Fine. In two hours the bombs will be ready..
Y: Good. Let us blow up this temple (Sankatmochan) and create panic..
R: Yes, afterall this is fun isn’t it? Today we destroy a temple. Tomorrow they destroy a Mosque. It is a chain reaction. A biological reaction like an uncontrollable nuclear fission. Ha Ha.
Y: Why the Sankatmochan temple?
R: Because it is in the holiest city of Hindus. Because saint Tulsidas himself created it. Because it is where he wrote part of Ramcharitamanas.Because it has a long legacy. Because of which they are more passionate and show blind faith. On Saturday and Tuesday the crowd is at its peek. The destruction will be maximum..
Y: Just one explosion?
R: No.After the explosion people will run in panic and empty the temples. They will rush for the railway stations. That is where we are going to plant the second bombs..
Y: subhanallah !!!
R: I am told that God lives in the hearts of these believers. I think these people do not know that
Y: Temple is where the heart is.Ha Ha Ha...
R: What will happen next?
Y: Some political parties will rake up this issue. Blame fellow countrymen of another religion and thus stir up a communal atmosphere. They are our friends actually..
R: Just the way a rival party tried to stoke up Muslim passion over a Danish controversy and Bush visit. Pathetic souls. They destroy their own people...
Y: Don’t say that. They are our friends.
R: So are the communists. They flare up Muslim passion in the Ramlila Maidan and try to create an inroad in the vote bank..
Y: They call themselves atheists. And they believe in equality.
R: We realize their hypocrisy. The people don’t.
Y: I can’t wait to see the country destroyed.
R: Me too. Then we can create a big mansion for Osama..
Y: We already have followers here.
R: Cheers, brother to our future
Y: Cheers..

Those who respect their religion don’t do it at the expense of others.