Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Why KCK was good ?

A simple truth - It’s better to jot down thoughts when they are fresh in memory because it is not covered in the dust of sub-optimal amnesia and the cloak of forgetfulness
A movie is good when it holds on to the string of logic especially when climax approaches. It is even better when the climax gives you a perfect sense of satisfaction that lives up to the value of every penny spent. Unfortunately most Bollywood movies lose their logic when it forces masala to thrill a billion masses. Logic in a suspense movie is as important as an idol in a temple. And fortunately KCK is not a typical Bollywood movie. It is a good movie. And I was perfectly satisfied after watching it an hour ago. Why? Because at my age I am exposed to so many experiences that a perfectly logical ending starts sounding clichéd. I know the reason behind any strange twist. So, after watching the trailer you try to guess why it happened for what it happened. And if you can find the answer before watching the movie without sacrificing logic then you win. And if the movie gives you the answer before you can come up with one especially after having seen so many things in life then the story-writer wins. You lose and still there is a strange sense of satisfaction. Man hates to lose because he thinks his opponent is worse than him. He loves to lose if he thinks that his opponent is a worthy player. And he derives satisfaction from it. KCK’s story-writer won because I could not guess the true reason of Karthik’s behaviour (of his imaginary brother, phone stuff) and got carried away in the fantasy of magic. The story made me lose reason and came back at the climax with a strong reasoning (The reasoning is not new, I have seen it so many times in movies). The ending might not have been a masala one but for a person who is de-addicted to Bollywood it is a well made stuff.