Monday, September 01, 2008

The nature of propensity

A lot many times we deviate from things that are obvious to something that seem obvious but are not. Considering the fact that a guy circulated a mail in our college regarding the apathy towards the winner of second Olympic gold medal. This news was highlighted in the media and I don’t blame the media for that. It is their duty to highlight all sort of news. My problem is when the media starts playing the advocate as well as the judge. The thing is the news that an Indian had won a second medal was not highlighted as much as our apathy towards her. Why do we have to be castigated by the media everytime ? Again, there are a hundered of things happening in a nation of one billion. Will the world come to halt or have we committed a serious error. India is a nation of extremes. So, when sports are considered or especially when the topic of cricket versus others is considered we tend to take extremes. The problem with this approach is that we push ourselves away from solution with that kind of an attitude. We keep crooning about our apathy, blame cricket and so on and so forth but nothing actually happens on ground. The fact that India is a democracy worsens the scenario. That is because with a plethora of opinions available we ultimately don’t get to a solution at all. We hear only opinions.