Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blasting away..

The series of serial blasts seem to be producing two prominent reactions among the masses. Some people seem to have accepted it as a part of their life, they have stopped caring, started taking them for granted and others seem to have accumulated some more revulsion, disdain and frustation at the current situation. Feeing that the state is hostage to some sinister plot they might blame the Government, blame themselves ( mostly the people who belong to the first group) and most definitely blame the terrorists.The Government keeps on repeating the same message - "calm, peace, communal harmony" but for both groups of people these phrases seemed to have lost their meaning.
There is also a subgroup among these groups- people who believe that things were so much better earlier. They fail to accept that the world has changed. They lead a life of hopeless existence.
Reactions apart, another aspect that has come up is the stagnant nature of democracy.It goes something like this:
Blasts !!! ----> Panic ----> Government asking people to calm down ----> Forensic experts to site -----> ISI, Jem, LeT etc ------> opposition attacks Govt about policy failures -----> Government attacks opposition and reminds them of Kandahar, Somnath, parliament attack ------> Attention diverted, Govt fails to undertake newer policy measures--->Blasts !!!....(cycle continues)