Friday, March 13, 2009


Yesterday my friend commented about one of our professors being lazy because he gave questions from the book. And I started thinking not about the professor but the ability to judge.
We seldom judge when we are in school. But as we grow up we start judging. Judging in my view is an inherent ability of maturity. The ability to judge decides your mate, your job, your life. You judge because you start thinking of alternatives and benchmark the alternatives with reality. For e.g. - when you think of changing a job you start thinking of best alternatives. In a B-school there is a term I have learnt – it’s called opportunity cost.
The point is simple actually. In schooldays your parents judge for you and you consider your parents as God (I can even relate to something in Gita session here). So you take their words at face value but as you grow up you take your own decisions and so you need to judge.