Thursday, April 16, 2009

The importance of the building and the unimportance of maintaining

Lately I have been noticing that my broadband speed has slowed down to such an extent that it appears like a narrowband. At early morning though say at 3:00 am the broadband starts working at its usual capacity. It was not the case earlier when I installed it 6 months ago. My guess is that the network is clogged up and things are going back to where it started.
A couple of years ago when NH2 was being four lane as part of Golden Quadrilateral scheme I was very happy. Now I am not. The highway like all other infrastructure is becoming clogged up and things are becoming as before.
Not to mention of the mobile networks at peak hours. The network is simply not available.
What does it point to?
If we are bad at building infrastructure then we are dismal at maintaining them. So, as my fixed capacity gets quickly filled up by a rapid pace I am unable to invest more in adding extra capacity.
The graph becomes something like this

I think for a country to develop the time taken should lessen as is the investment to increase the perceived capacity increase. This will require even more improvement in real capacity which means huge funds need to be allocated. For the time to decrease the productivity and the efficiency should be extremely high. Is it possible in this scenario?