Friday, December 22, 2006

George bush and the War

I always believed that humans have the power to create an issue in hundreds of millions of ways. Or perhaps more!!
Creativity distinguishes us from all other life forms and when we want to express an issue opinions come flying from all around the corner. It is not like 2 sides of a coin. It's more like a coin with a million sides. Or I would better put it like considering the coin as an issue and keep looking at it from a million dimensions. However, George Bush single-handedly made the issue of terrorism and freedom into a "coin-faced" issue.
"With Great Powers come great responsibilities". This phrase has become clich├ęd. But somehow or the other we keep twisting it or at best ignoring it. Freedom, Democracy, human-rights is not a new subject. Centuries and millenniums have been spent on its discussion. But the worse part is we still don't understand it.For example:We still fail to realise that one man's freedom is not another man's oppression.
Hail George Bush. The neo neo con. Or was it Rumsfeld. Cut the chase, It was "us versus them" That's coin-faced.
After the 911 desecration of American freedom (as usual freedom has colour too) George Bush pounced upon whoever he could grab his hands on. He built upon public anger and went on a hunting spree. Unable to grab Osama, he went after Saddam and threatened much more. He and his "Us" group wanted to turn the world into a giant cauldron of calumny. I was against his invasion of Iraq from the very start. Why should a sovereign nation be held hostage to the collective paranoia of neocons or the brainwashed American public. Those who opposed the war were castigated. I remember the Dixie chicks more for their views than their performances. But look now.
"Responsibility with power" Freedom, oppression Us versus them. No idealism works in the face of human deceit and selfish motive.(On that count even communists are capitalists)
And the end of the day I can proudly proclaim that George Bush, contrary to popular beliefs is not a loser. Nor his "us" group. He successfully brainwashed the public. It is the "them" group that lost. They failed to convince people. and history will keep repeating. Meanwhile the ideals can go to hell

The essence of jeans

I look at my closet and find a couple of jeans tucked away in a corner reflecting the somberness of the situation. Jeans have their own personality and they should match with my personality. I have only 3 jeans tucked in my closet but all of them reflect the personality I choose to wear on a particular day. Jeans for me is not like any other garment. Jeans is a manifestation. I normally prefer to wear formal clothes but on someday when circumstances demand I prefer to put on jeans and render them a breath of fresh air. I guess that happens to a lot of us. When I look at people around me-both young and old wearing that much adored fabric in a variety of ways, I tend to think that jeans do render a personality to their self in a way no other garment can. But when I see that the "wearer" is not giving proper respect to the "wearee" I get a bit irritated. People tend to use jeans just as a fashion accessory. Jeans is much more than that.
People say that when they wear jeans they look cool, hip. True. But for me jeans are much more than that. Infact I don't wear jeans for the cool thing at all. I wear jeans because I feel comfortable in them. The reason is very simple. There are a variety of jeans available in the market today. In terms of colour, cut, fabric, and a myriad of other attributes jeans are everywhere and anywhere. But when I tend to look for a jeans I look for something that will be give a long lasting satisfaction rather than ephemeral gratification. I start off with logic. Jeans are supposed to be tough yet smooth.(Rough on the outside and smooth under it),jeans for me signifies flexibility. Jeans should be elastic to some extent. That's it.
No amount of styling influences me. I prefer "straight jeans". And most definitely when I go on to buy a jeans I prefer to slide into them and sleep in them for a night to judge the comfort level. Of course I can't return them even if I don't like them but it gives me a strange joy to sleep in new jeans. It also increments the "oomph" factor though!!!
What are the kinds of qualities I find appealing in a jeans. Well jeans give me the confidence to face the world on a perfectly bad day. I have noticed that people do get a little intimidated when I wear my jeans. Maybe because I also wear my attitude with it. Jeans epitomizes my soul. I like to play in jeans because I am not worried about dirt. I am not worried if my jeans go old or the colours fade a little because like vintage wine the latent quality of jeans comes to the fore with age. Jeans give me the freedom to break rules within moral limits. I set my own limits but jeans give me the freedom. I admit that jeans lend a little bit of colour to my personality. When I see people wearing jeans still feel shy I find it really amusing.
For all that I have said I have just 3 jeans in my wardrobe. This is because they go well with my personality. Being jeans crazy and just 3 jeans!!! People may laugh but I am not embarrassed. Jeans give me the flexibility to be me. And not impose anything.