Friday, June 27, 2008

Individuality Vs Collective Enthusiasm

Basically this post has been divided in the manner mentioned above because MBA students who are at the beginning of their two year course will find a lot of common stuffs..
From an individual perspective Mumbai has been a revelation to me..This place is cooler in terms of environment, people mind their own business and an easy going attitude prevails.. This might be because I am still to see the busier parts of the city like Dalal Steet and so forth.. But when I tend to make a comparison then I am obviously taking Kolkata as a frame of reference.. The roads are broader and the per capita cleanliness is better.. I might be wrong since opinions are always subjective.. The fact though is Mumbai is expensive..
I have been in SPJIMR for the past 10 days and predictably the days are loaded with quizzes, lectures, assignments and group works.. But something tells me that this is not what I had expected..I thought that it would be painfully hard.. Maybe 4 years of experience has got a lot to do with it.. i am still chilling if not basking..and MBA I guess is a way of life .. You just have to manage yourself..4 years of office work has taught me just that..If we draw the graph as pressure and comfort then there is no better place to experience both than in a B school.. You just manage the two