Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Holi

Humming the tune of Silvertown Blues while shaking my feet in sync my mind goes back to...
No. It is not going to be off there on again “one of those” boring posts.
Welcome home. Today is Holi.A chance to take rest. A chance to make a mess. To take some time off the hectic hara-kiri, mechanical, robotic, devoid of humour, devoid of sense life has become. In college there was added reason to celebrate holi. Most of the time was spent like a holiday which conserved all the energy to perform any Sadomasochist act during Holi. My last big Holi was as wild as I had seen in my life. People were at each other’s throat, tearing shirts and acting as if the laws of jungles were applicable to tigers, deers and us equally.
This Holi is going to be a lame duck affair. I am plain not interested. I have grown up.
I have grown out of it..