Thursday, June 15, 2006

Grunge scene

Seattle in the North West is famous for another thing apart from it being the home of the world's richest man..

It is the cauldron of grunge music..
Grunge or transcendental music are abstract themes so you have to delve deeper into the picture
than rock or Pop
(I don't consider Britney Spears or J-Lo as musicians.they are glamour artists)
Nirvana was one of the finest proponents of grunge music..
what is it ?
Lemme explain.

Kurt Cobain,the frontman of Nirvana grew up in a lonely amd hopeless environment..
He had a lot of angst,frustation while growing up
He was depressed and his only companion was the guitar..
He grew up expressing his frustation of life thru music..

A lot of people don't undertsnand his frustations..
They think he looked dashing so he was glamorous
Which led others to take to drugs etc etc

Sure he took drugs to relieve his frustations but that was not his message..
His message was against injustice and unfairness..
to life..

He wrote so many beautiful songs that xpressed his angst like
"About a girl","The man who sold the world","Polly","Dumb","smells like a teen spirit" etc etc
but many songs were misinterpretted too..
like the song "Polly"

It starts wth "Polly wants a cracker..."
The message is not that..
But an incident occured where a rapist raped a girl when he was listening to that song..
this disturbed Kurt so much that he stopped playing it..

He was an eternal pessimist and the fact that he was married to a 3rd class woman did not help..
He had a boy with her..but then one day in depression he committed suicide...
Depression is a strange thing..
U cannit live with it throughout ur life..
Either u become hopeful or u commit suicide !!!

Kurt started a new cult and that has made him immortal !!!
I used to listen to him a lot in college !!
But most of his songs has foul words...
That doesn't deny him a great place in the music hall of fame..