Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The rose and the star..

The rose cried below the heaven..

With the sky staring down and the stars peeking..

The rose bemoaned the misfortune

Pain was a fact of life..

Giving in to circumstances

The rose cried from deep within

Its brothers had wilted under the sun

The pressure was too much to take

The rose simply cried at night

The star asked "Why are you crying ?"

the rose said "I cannot handle life "

The star explained "Look,don't take life as it comes,

Be strong,be hopeful

Take control of your life and fate will smile on you.."

The rose asked "Who are you ?"

The star said "I was a rose who aspired to be a star"

The rose asked "Then what happened ?"

The star said "I enjoyed my life and when I died I became a star"