Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ankahee -The movie.

The theme of the movie is not new. The subject of passionate love, insane love leading to devastation has been discussed in the Hindi movies for decades. Love is a complicated subject. "Love" in itself is quite simple. Having feelings for one another is how we define it. But the baggage that love brings with itself for e.g. the relationships, the responsibilities, tend to complicate matters. The movie "Ankahee" deals with love in a forbidden zone. The movie deals with extreme love, on the verge of insanity. Insanity can be fun. It brings a thrill to our moribund lives. But continuous insanity practically vitiates the atmosphere. Human mind is complex. And we tend towards complications most of the time. We fall into love as easily as we fall out of love. It is a delicate balance. And love has different meanings. It can be motivating as well as distracting. Human perception is when love tends to demand most of our time it is more distracting than motivating.
In the movie Esha Deol , the reigning Ms World falls in love with a doctor Aftab Shivdasani.To complicate things Aftab is already married to Amisha Patel who plays the role "Sati-Savitri" "24-hour" housewife with finesse .Esha is suffering loneliness and looks up to Aftab as the only source of her sustenance. She falls in love with Aftab in a manner that drives her towards insanity. Aftab falls for her charms, leaves his family and starts living with her. But the excess baggage that love brings,most notably possessiveness, drives Esha towards insanity .Insecure in her own world she feels dispossessed all the time which finally drives her to suicide. Aftab returns to his wife, only to be disowned and rejected. And the end of the story he dies too leaving everyone devastated.
Someone once said "Man is a social animal". Humans prefer to live in a web that is their life and each human tends to be interrelated points. So when one point goes awry the whole web tends to crumble. The points closer to the affected point tend to be affected the most. That is what happens to Aftab's life.
We always look for balance in life. Balance between stability and insanity is one such instance. We seek peace in stability and thrill in insanity. When we tend to lose control of our lives we lose that balance and lose our lives.
The most memorable aspect of the movie is the music. Directed by Pritam the music is a soothing manifestation of the emotional upheavals each character undergoes.