Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Calcutta-The alter ego (Kolkata ?)

While going through Rajabazar area in Kolkata I was lost in a stream of thought.
People say that Kolkata is undergoing transformation.But all these transformations are taking place in the already developed parts of the city..Places where flyovers ,multiplexes etc etc are being built are the already developed parts of Kolkata..Since they are pre-planned ,it is easy to tinker with the existing structures of the city to create new facilities..Like widening of roads etc etc..Places like South Kolkata,Park Street,Salt Lake etc etc
But what about blighted parts Rajabazaar.Can The Government create a new flyover over there without widespread opposition ?A couple of days ego a lot of brouhaha was created in the news media over the demolition of a religious place..
The question is what is the point in developing an already developed place..
What is the point of raising objects to development in the name of religion etc etc when we want allround development ?
Why is our policy so skewed ?
And at the end of the day..
Are we visionaries ? (At least in Kolkata)
Another interesting aspect about development is that a developed place creates a base for further development i.e you can develop and redevelop an already developed area.
It is a never ending process.On the other hand when there is any oppostion to development there is always resistance to a change that is for the greater good rather than individual benefit..Is the Communist Govt listening ? Individual benefit !!!
Development is a mindset..If we have a stubborn attitude we can never aspire to develop.So in the name of development you create shelters that ultimately lead to slums and there is a total absence od real development.
Where is there is a will there is a way ?
The Delhi Metro and Konkan railways are shining examples.
Where there is no will ,there is hypocrisy and existence of extremes.
The shining malls hiding the dark realities of Razabazar are befitting examples.