Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Orkutting..

Orkut is a great tool.
Specially in terms of networking and building contacts..
I realised it really late but I plan to make up for it. Somehow I convinced some friends to join orkut without actually realizing the full potential of it.The most important thing about orkut is it is a compact all in one. And like different colours of a flower it is multifaceted. Each colour with it's own importance. But the most important is the fact that one can seamlessly traverse from one domain to another.It is like a never ending maze and limited only by unlimited human intellectual capacity. When you chance to attach yourself to a community it is highly probable that you catch up with some old school buddies. I am just giving an example. And once you start scrapping you get pretty addicted to it. Now, with power comes responsibities. So one better control oneself before embarking on a journey.
Meanwhile happy orkutting