Friday, May 26, 2006


Any premise can be supported or opposed based on how one feels about it. It can also be ambiguous for which both supporting and opposing stands exist. The basis on which Mr. Aamir Khan got embroiled in a cause, the NBA cause calls for a discussion. My perception is one of ambiguity and the controversy that has hounded him coupled with his views has instigated me to come up with a post.
Let's start with how it all started. On a fateful day Mr. Khan was venturing out in the busy streets of Delhi when he chanced upon a movement that had gathered in Jantar Mantar. The victims of the movement spearheaded by the irrepressible Ms Medha Patkar were demanding justice from the Government and opposing the decision to increase the height of Sardar Sarobar project. Mr. Khan, bubbling with his enthusiasm of "Kucch Kar dikha ne ka" on the lines of "Rang De Basanti" whole heartedly jumped into action. He joined the morcha and gave a message to all the parities concerned that he was against injustice to the masses. It is another thing that he had no idea about the timeline, duration, history and geography of the movement. He had no idea of the fact that what he saw was only one side of the multi-faceted story. He later admitted it. Which means that he got carried away with the plight of the people and his "dariya-dil" got swamped in an unending deluge of human trauma. After that Mr. Khan went into a verbal spree and NBA got more glamorous. The perception about Mr. Khan was that he was a serious actor, a perfectionist and an idealist. But it was totally uncalled for that he would get so carried away in such a manner. Beats me totally.
After that Mr. Khan gave interviews after interviews in various platforms, forums. He had to handle uncomfortable questions regarding his endorsements etc... When a public figure like Mr. Khan gets into a controversy for the sake of his ideals or his unabashed enthusiasm I can't help but think about the reason they should be doing it in the first place. It is because, two days ago his film "Fanaa" was banned in Gujarat for hurting Gujarati sentiments. Having introduced the topic I will come directly come into the pros and cons of his actions. Through his actions I would generalize it, i.e. the role of a public figure in a campaign. My stand is neutral.

For the motion.
A public figure is much more than a normal next door neighbour pretty much busy with daily chores.A public figure carries the burden of the public because he has been made popular by the public.He is a simple human being otherwise,is made of the same flesh,blood and bones that other humans are made of.But he has rissen above the levels of normalcy and given us something.He might have qualities that others might not think of achieving.He might be better,greater like the eternal motto of the Olympics "Citius,Altius,Fortius".That has made him a public figure.His talent surpasses the normal boundary of ordinary and he has created a new pinnacle which other lesser individuals might aim for.Since ordinary individuals cannot reach his level he is deified.But then that brings an added responsibilty.He has to act like a God.He has to come good on our expectation.All in all he should not do something that may hurt us.There comes the problem of his idealism amd beliefs.The public in a free and fair democracy is fairly divergent in views and beliefs.And so the path of idealism becomes pretty much constricted.That is the problem with Aamir Khan.In life we call it a compromise.And aamir fails to value that because of his selfish interests.
(to continue)