Sunday, April 23, 2006

Freedom and choices part 2

What defines democracy and choices ?
An aspect of democracy is where the number of choices varies from more than one to infinity..
Of course freedom should be profound so as to exercise those chioces.
This is because as we see from the events unfolding in Nepal the King in his greed dismissed an elected Govertment a couple of years back and latches onto power till date in a vague hope.
He believes that the tag of Bishnu incarcination has given him the divine right to act in whatever manner he can..
This is just an example of dictatorship where there are no choices.In a dictatorship there is only one choice but the nature of that choice might vary from regime to regime.The choices might be bad for the people which implies that either the leader is cruel to latch onto power or he is living in a schizophernic world ...Nepal is such an example.Conrast this to China..That too is a dictatortship..But the Government there is relentlessly working towards making it developed..I don't know if it is for their own benefit or for the benefit of people..But whatever it is doing is elevating the profile of China to some superpower..
Poor or rich nation,good or bad results..whatever it is as a consequence of decisions
taken by autocratic nations I will still go by democracy because it gives me choices and we alone can decide what is good for us..No one else..