Saturday, May 06, 2006


kaleidoscopic thoughts run through ur mind..
When u jot it down it becomes a piece..

The first thing people might say about writers is they are alone.They love to be in melancholy and let random thoughts take over their mind..I have to disagree with the melancholy part because if u r a thinker then u need melancholy,solitude.But u don't necessarily have to be a lover of solitude.
Ideas are like abstract patterns.When they take shape people like us get into a lengthy overdrive with surging adrenalin..But u need not write ideas.U can discuss that with friends..That becomes a vocal manifestation...
The beauty of writing is that with an intricate pattern of words you can put ur thoughts in somebody else's mind without getting the slightest of opposition..Writing is like moving in a car without brakes in an empty road that leads to nowhere..It is the driver who actually decides when the road has to end and the car has to stop..
My belief is that there are infinite was to express oneself..And looking from an angle (there are infinite angles) I feel that one or supreme is same as infinite..It is a complex thought..
The other thing about writing is style..People have different style of writing..The choice and use of words,the use of examples,poems and quotations are all part of style..
Another thing about writing is the art can be acquired..And the best way of motivation is reading...(One of the best sources of ideas)