Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fair and Unfair

In the wake of controversies that throng the daily headlines nearly everyday I feel like writing on what constitutes fair and what constitutes unfair.
Nearly everyday we make hundreds of judgments that affect us in some way or the other. And on the wider scale Governments make judgments that affect the general public and in a fair democracy their longevity as a direct consequence.
A couple of days ago the word reservation came into the limelight for the umpteenth time. And there was a lot of discussion for and against this raging controversy. Since it directly affects the lives of general public in as valuable a filed as education the controversy was widespread in which practically each and everybody had a say.
Today while returning from office I was thinking about the words fair-unfair in this context. As I write I am going to approach to a particular conclusion. Let me see.
“Logic” is something that every sane human being on this planet understands. On a particular topic like say “Nuclear –conflict” or “Reservation” there may be many views for and against it. And in a peaceful democracy where only logic constitutes the dividing line between fair and unfair my proposition would be something that is logical is fair and vice-versa.But nothing can e in its entirety.It means that if something was completely illogical the need for bringing that topic would not have arisen at all. If there is something against which we are unequivocally consensual why would that be spoken in the positive context ?So we can actually slice the comprehensive argument into a number of points.And the more the number of points win the argument, the more logical that side of the argument becomes.Hence that is defined as “Fair”. The court of justice runs on precisely that argument.