Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Singur and Nandigram-How politics works?

14 people were killed in a violence that was about nothing..

No work had started and CM was categorical that land won't be forcefully acquired in Nandigram..

But villagers were incited into strange rumours..

Now what ?

CPIM is very vocal in the centre and Congress finds a way to point fingers at West Bengal..
SEZ will be stopped,Industrialisation might get affected

At the end of the day development loses out..
Something which politicians are paid to bring about.
Strange !!!

Update 1: Something seriously wrong is happening over there.They put up a layer of children (first),women(2nd) and men(3rd) against police.Who is inciting them ? And how did they develop a strategy ? Is it a mini civil war ?

Update 2 : Finally I am in a position to throw my hat into the ring.The Nandigram issue.
Just after the Singur frenzy the Government decided to go for land acquisition in Nandigram.Around 30000 acres.It involved roughly 3000-4000 livelihoods.Singur was still hot.The news was that the Government is grabbing land from poor people in the name of development leaving them in the cruel clutches of 'nobody to take care of' destiny.Nandigram erupted.The very first officials who came to survey the place were lynched.Suddenly the situation turned explosive.There was an all out war.People organised themselves pretty fast and a policeman was killed.Then the police left and a status-quo situation prevailed.Meanwhile Buddhadeb categorically spoke that no land would be acquired unless the people consented.And judging from television footage the people would not part with their land at any cost.So in high probability Nandigram would be left alone and an adjacent area,much smaller, was considered.
But nobody knows what happened in the middle ? I used to frequent the newspapers and saw that at a political level the skirmishes were continuing .Women were raped and people with certain political affiliations were being driven out. The situation was not normal and the Chief Minister kept behaving arrogantly.He once again forgot the people in his rapid-industrialisation frenzy.The CM being an intellectual (as the reputation goes) must be aware that the most important thing that people love to hate is change.But how did he try to manage this problem ? By ignoring them altogether ..Bad politics and bad diplomacy.Nit everything can be told to people but the point was he should have taken people into confidence.Development can't be bereft of people ..And 3000 at the least is a big number.The Chief Minister being an elected representative and a educated soul should have behaved appropiately.Now things have started exploding on his face from his own people and virtually everyone let's see how hw manages this situation.A majority is calling for his resignation but I would personally prefer him to learn and remain a CM. Fortunately or unfortunately we have no alternative.