Tuesday, March 13, 2007

user generated content-implications

Just today I came across the news that Viacom is going to sue youtube for a hefty amount because of copyright violation.I think that it highlights a bigger problem,the use and misuse of freedom.
A couple of years ago Napster got plastered because of copyright violation.Youtube is much more than that.It actually allows users to be a greater part of the internet.
Plagiarism has haunted mankind since time immemorium.On the internet P2P sites etc etc play a bigger role.But with user generated content things seem to get worse.Boils down to the fact that whose interests are being exploited.

Another aspect seems to be authenticity.Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia in this world and it is unique.People can actually add and edit it.But people come with preconceived views and sometimes truth is lost in fiction.This is the main disadvantage of Wikipedia.