Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Dixie Goofup

Epilogue: I have decided to give views on both sides of the coin.It gives a wholistic perspective on things.Plus a good lawyers can side from both sides of the fence and I like lawyers :-)

In 2003 while I was at college Mr George Bush decided to attack Iraq.America was polarized with the minority criticising him.Dixie Chicks were one of them.She criticised her president on foreign soil.What happened ? They were maligned,slandered to the worst possible extent.Last year they came out with an album that was meant to be an avenging melody.I was right,Iraq is in shambles,I owe an apology and am still waiting.That was the message.Now I will be continuously crossing from one side of the fence to the other and giving opinions.

Arguement: They criticised the first man on foreign soil
Counter arguement: Britain is an ally of US and they never sided with enemy

Arguement: How could they criticise ?
Counter Arguement: Freedom of speech

Arguement: Country music is closer to the soil.They betrayed the soil.
Counter Arguement: Freedom of speech

And there were some subtle reasons too..

They are a celebrity too.They are heard and reheard and fans take them to heart.What image will America heart,if they, as celebrity,as core of the "Daughters of soil" mentality betrayed their own soil.
No answer !!! Might well have been freedom of speech !!!

I understand that most of Natalie Maine's songs come from her heart but atleast she could have been diplomatic about her opinions..
I call it a goofup
For three years they stood by that 11 worded statements and kept talking from heart.They took various firefighting measures.

And then at Grammys they won the accolades.

What would have happened had George Bush successfully managed the war ?

Conclusion: They should have been diplomatic..